Why Use Diatomite Bath Mat

Nowadays, the floor mats on the market are common with fluff floor mats.

The fluff mat has been around for a long time and is prone to odor. Moreover, the floor mat is also particularly sticky to the hair, dust or something, and it is easy to be dirty and not clean. In addition, the place where the bathroom is wet all the year round, it is easy to mold after a long time. And it doesn’t slip, and it’s easy to move when the foot is stepped on.

There is a rubber mat! Although the bottom is relatively non-slip, it does not absorb water. After the shower, the water on the slippers and the water on the slippers are all brought out. It is easy to slip when accidentally.


The diatomite bath mat is amazing, the water absorption is super strong, the bottom is super-slip, and it is easy to clean without mold. Diatomite bath mat has 4 points why you are worth buying

1. Super absorbent, 3 seconds instant suction

This diatomite bath mat, after bathing on it for about 3 seconds, can absorb the water, not only the water on the foot is sucked clean, but also the water on the surface of the mat is sucked into it. The watermarks are quickly invisible. It is.

This magical water absorption property benefits from diatomaceous earth.

Diatomite is also known as diatomaceous earth in Japan. It is a biological chemical sedimentary rock with soft and light texture, low density, multi-void structure, amazing water absorption capacity, and can absorb up to twice its volume.


2. In addition to mold and dampness, it can also absorb moisture

The bathroom is wet all the year round, and it is the place where bacteria are most likely to grow. When the time is long, mildew will occur, and the smell will flood the whole room, which will cause harm to human health.


3. Easy to clean, one wipe is clean

The diatomite bath mat is especially well cleaned, as long as it is cleaned with a rag, and there is no need to worry about breeding bacteria.

If you have stains that are particularly difficult to clean, you can simply scrub with a small brush.


4. Stable anti-slip

The surface of the mat is brushed and polished to increase friction. The felt pad is very stable during use and will not slip even if there is water on the floor.


Instructions for use

1. Since the hygroscopicity of diatomaceous earth is limited by saturability, if it is used for a long time, the water absorption effect will be weakened. After using for a period of time, use sandpaper to gently polish the surface stains, and the water absorption effect will be restored.

2. Try to avoid the use of cleaning products such as detergents and washing powder on the surface of the product.

3. This product is a fragile item, please take it lightly. If it breaks during use, please put it into a cloth bag, which can be used for smell and deodorization in wardrobes, refrigerators, storage boxes, etc.

Post time: Jun-25-2019