Electric Salt and Pepper Mill


There is no such thing as gadget for the kitchen that isn’t a great investment! Anything that saves time and energy whilst cooking or dining is alright by us, and this deal is your chance to claim a pair of electronic salt and pepper mills .


These salt and pepper mills are battery powered and activated from just a single touch that both grinds and distributes your salt and pepper. The mills are designed to work quietly, effectively and deliver just the right amount of seasoning for your meal. Each of these salt and pepper mill sets is made from the finest quality stainless steel and the inner mechanism is made from ceramics, ensuring the grinding delivered is set to the specific adjustment you choose. You can choose from very fine to fine as well as medium and coarse, and you can select the setting to suit your taste preferences. Built to last and designed to add convenience as well as a talking point to your dining table, these mills make a great gift to yourself or anybody else!

Post time: Jan-15-2019