The Application Of Diatomite Bath Mat

Many people in our life have wrestling experience from the bathroom, and the soles of the feet fall to the ground when they slip, so every time they come out after bathing, they are worried and cautiously come out, but recently the diatomaceous soil has been fired, let us Say goodbye to the fear, this is the charm of diatomaceous earth.


I searched on the Internet, because there were many incidents of slipping, disability, and even death in the foot after bathing. Therefore, many people put a so-called absorbent mat on the door of the bathroom to avoid such incidents as much as possible, and to reduce the wetness of the home.


Some of the pads are stained with dust and dirt. It lasts for a week, and there is a sticky feeling on the foot, accompanied by a dead mouse smell. It is also particularly inconvenient to wash, and it is still difficult to do.


Recently, however, a natural diatomaceous earth absorbent pad has been selected. This is mainly because diatomaceous earth is a natural material with strong humidity regulation ability. In the interior decoration, it has always been responsible for the important dehumidification and formaldehyde removal.


Diatomaceous earth is a bio-genetic siliceous sedimentary rock composed mainly of ancient diatom remains. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2. Diatomaceous earth has a unique multi-stage open-cell structure. The pore size is mainly macroporous, containing a small amount of mesopores, a wide range of pore size distribution, and excellent pore structure.

Therefore, this “diatomaceous earth” foot mat can also help control the humidity in the room, absorb the suspended particles and harmful gases in the air, and is conducive to the improvement of indoor air quality.


90% of the diatomaceous earth bath mat are nano-pores that are invisible to the naked eye, which can quickly evaporate the moisture in the pores, and the quick-drying property is amazing.


Moreover, compared with the general fabric footpad, it is easy to mold, multiply bacteria, and thick after water absorption. As a foot mat, diatomaceous earth is not only light in texture, but also has strong water absorption. It can also help prevent bacteria and phlegm. Moreover, the material of diatomaceous earth is that it will not be moldy under water refining, and it will not produce odor.


The “diatomaceous earth” mat derived from the original diatomaceous earth not only has better water absorption and degerming power, but also resists pressure and falls, and has a longer life.


Because it is so good to wash, dirty and directly take the water to the next rush, it may not be cleaned in 1 minute without cleaning.


Not only that, this diatomaceous earth mat is also extremely durable. After long-term use, after the surface deposits body fat and dead dandruff, the water absorption performance will get gradually weaken. At this time, it is only necessary to sand the surface of the mat with sandpaper. Recovers water absorption.

Post time: Jul-04-2019