How To Clean And Maintain Diatomite Bath Mat

How to clean and maintain the diatomite bath mat in above link after buying it? Diatom monarch to popularize the relevant knowledge:

First of all, due to the characteristics of the material, there are occasional trace powder on the surface of the mattress, which is a natural phenomenon. Before the new product is first used, rinse it with clean water and dry it.

Cleaning and maintenance in peacetime:

Usually if there is dirt on the surface of the floor mat, you can wipe it with wet soft cloth or sponge. If dirt blockades the pore of the floor mat and causes slow drying, you can gently brush the dirt off with a brush or fine sandpaper.


Regular cleaning and maintenance:

If used in wet environment for a long time, the water absorption effect becomes worse. It can be restored in a well-ventilated environment after half a day of shade and drying, but the mattress can not be exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bending and cracking.


Matters needing attention

1. Diatomite products belong to fragile products. They should avoid collision with hard objects and be handled lightly.

2. Colored liquids can cause stain marks on the surface, which are not easy to clean and affect the aesthetics. We should pay attention to their use.

3. Dust and hair can be washed with clean water or wiped with wet cloth and dried. The stain can be removed by gently grinding the surface with sandpaper.


Post time: Jun-27-2019