Diatomite Coaster Cup Mat




1 Composition

The product contains more than 70% diatom mud ingredients, the rest is plant fiber, very natural diatomite instant dry coaster.

2 Absorption

The diatomite coasters can absorb water up to 2-4 times its volume ,The absorbed water will evaporate naturally .

3 Cup mat features

diatomite drink coasters are made of eco-friendly , odourless and 100% natural diatomaceous earth, which is a type of special soil from nature. People even eat this soil(of course, to eat, it must be food grade) to prevent or cure some diseases.

4 Quality

Not only for a cup of drinks, but also for soaps, and a good decoration idea for your home. Give it as a gift, and people will be impressed by your ingenuity. They’re Unique, Cool, Anti-Bacterial, Good Room Decor, Heat Resistant, Non-slip,

Post time: Oct-10-2019